Welcome to UrbanRitualz, a collaborative collection of human interactions in urban environments.

WHAT is an Urban Ritual?

– it makes people smile 
– it is an act by and between people
– it is set in a public urban environmental space
– it is something that YOU feel should be saved for the cities of tomorrow

Remember that little cafe on the corner of your childhood home that turned into a movie theatre for neighbours on weekends? Or the tiny park where chess players gathered to play and talk about life? UrbanRitualz is collecting stories just like those.

Contemporary science of the City works with so many layers – the architecture, landscapes, infrastructure, data flows – you name it! Maybe one of the most important layers that is yet often undermined is the magical layer of human interactions and rituals. Diverse and reach with culture, some of them are city- specific and many of them ubiquitous. Some rituals have history of thousands of years and some are only few months old; some of the interactions are disappearing with the turn of technological age and at the same time some are evolving and becoming more popularised.

UrbanRitualz is a place to collect these beautiful human interactions – as a treasury of precious moments that should not be forgotten, especially by those designing the cities of tomorrow.  Get inspired and share rituals you know about!

This project originates from a group work in UrbanIxD Summer School by Leyla Nasib, Andreas Förster & Søren Rosenbak.

Drop us a line! And also if you know about an urban ritual that you’d like to share, please do so! All rituals will be attributed to their submitters.


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